Improv has quickly transitioned from a useful tool to a requirement when auditioning. Having great improvisation skills is a quality more and more casting directors look for when casting. This skill will not only help when auditioning, but can also aid in your daily life. Compiled are five improvisation tips to help send your performance into a state of discovery that will have any casting director on the edge of their seat.

1. Improv builds confidence.

Being skilled in improv allows you to trust yourself in your performance. If you forget a line or mess up a little, being able to effectively improvise gives you the confidence to be able to continue your performance.

2. Take risks in your performance.

A great performance constantly presents new surprises. With improv, you are diving headfirst into a scene with no idea where you might end up. That is fine! Being able to take risks in your performance is how you carry yourself in improv. Having polished improv skills gives you the power so that your performance does not fall flat.

3. Be a “yes” person.

One of the most important rules of improv is saying “yes.” As a protective instinct, we as humans tend to say “no” often. In improv, there is no time for no. You must simply go with it. Becoming a “yes” person will teach you to be both physically and mentally open and accepting to what may come next.

4. Make strong choices.

Performers tend to worry about being “right” for the part and spend time trying to fit into a mold of what they think someone else wants. The truth is, most people (casting directors and producers included) don’t know what they want. They want someone to jump out at them, metaphorically, and show them what they want. In improv, you must make big, strong choices and build upon them.

5. Be prepared for fast changes.

Expect the unexpected and then just go with it. This is a tip that will help not only in improv, but also in life in general. Things can change quickly on set. You could be reading for a part you didn’t prepare for. Your role could get changed. You never know what could happen at a moment’s notice. With improv skills, you can take those changes with no problem and handle it with great confidence.

Improv should take you and your audience on an exciting journey of not knowing what could happen next. This skill could take you to your next great role. Good luck – and always remember, Everblue Arts is ready to help you every step of the way!

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