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Hi Guys!

My name is Dorothy Savage and I’m so excited that you’ve found your way to our page! My partner Bruce Earnest and I have been working for the last year to bring together a vision we’ve both had separately for many years. Our passion for the arts and all things performance and creative related is what brought us together. I hope thats why you’ve found you’re way here also!

Through a series of conversations Bruce and I had about what it means to give your life to the arts, especially as a profession, we found our way to the idea to have a blog to share how many different journeys people take to find their way to the path home to creative freedom and expression as a profession.

So often people dream of what it looks like to use their creative gifts to build a career and often they imagine it only one way. What is portrayed in television, social media in general and through the internet is only a small percentage of the story. Often the stories shared and told are edited and crafted to look a certain way and project a “good story”. We totally get that, it’s part of the business. However, there are always more layers and so many different and incredible stories to be shared that are as individual and unique as the artists themselves.

Here, in The Whole Story, it’s our hope that artists of all genres and mediums can find a place to be encouraged, gain perspective and insight, and maybe a good dose of inspiration to help them walk their path to be successful in the arts both personally and professionally. It’s our desire to share the stories of not only the well known who’ve already reached what would be perceived as fame or success but also to showcase those that make up the majority of artists, the ones putting in the sweat equity, often for free, with little public accolades but who’s private passion fuels them on. It’s these road warriors, these rogue fighters who often go against family views and societies plans for them to follow their gifts. These are whose stories we want to tell.

So often the arts are seen as a hobby or simply a creative, non lucrative endeavor, an endeavor that lends itself to rejection and polarization amongst the norms of society and what it looks like to be sensible. Often times, we as artists experience these feelings as well as a symptom of what is perceived of us. We as artists are so much more then that. We are both complicated and simplistic, fearful and brave, extroverted and introverted, practical and unhinged. Its our hope that in this blog both artists and curious seekers, will find a place to learn and be inspired by The Whole Story.

Here’s to being brave,


Dorothy Savage

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  • Ketrah says:

    I love this!! I have invested so much into allowing my girls to pursue their passions and it has often been looked at as frivolous and impractical. It’s wonderful to see this pursuit given the positive attention that it deserves!

    • Dorothy Savage says:

      No pursuit of a passion is frivolous! Yes, in life there are times that we must balance passion and practicality out of necessity but there is always room for pursuit! I believe God honors that!

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