Having a great headshot is a crucial piece to becoming a successful actor, but when is the appropriate time to update it? This can be tricky, but we are ready to help!

As a general headshot tip, a headshot should be updated every two years as an adult and every six months as a child. Aside from this tip, below are five signs you need a new headshot:

1.  You have aged.

This one is obvious. Casting directors already have a vision for a character’s age when they call for actors to read for the part. Be sure to always stay honest about your age to casting directors, as your headshot will be a reflection of it. Keep them updated!

2. Changes to your hair.

Extensions and frequent hairstyle changes are very common; however, make sure your headshot shows what your hair is currently like. Having an outdated hairstyle in your headshot can throw a red flag to the casting director.

3. You have made noticeable changes to your looks.

If you have recently had plastic surgery or lost/gained a significant amount of weight, consider updating your headshot before submitting to any auditions.

4. Trends change over time.

Casting directors look for different things in headshots at different times. Make sure you are up to date on the latest headshot trends. For example, black and white headshots were popular at one time. If you were to send a casting director a black and white headshot now, they would assume it is dated.

It is also important to stay aware of shifts in fashion trends. In your headshot, you shouldn’t wear seasonal clothing or something too trendy because like seasons, trends change. Having an outdated trend show in a headshot will tell the casting director the photo is not up to date.

5. You are consistently getting calls for roles that are not your type.

In this business, what you look like defines you. Your headshot is your marketing tool, and it is how you land a casting call. It needs to tell the right story. If you are getting called in for roles that don’t match up with you, then it is probably time to consider a different headshot.

When you go in to take your next headshots, analyze them as if you were a casting director. What story does it tell? Does it showcase who you are and what roles you are trying to fill? Will it stand out amongst other headshots? Are you recognizable from the headshot? Is your outfit appropriate? These are the questions you should ask yourself when finalizing your headshot.

Once you’ve discovered you need a new headshot, consider these quick tips when preparing for your new one:

  • Simple clothing (i.e. solid colors, no gaudy jewelry)
  • Bring several clothing options to be photographed in
  • When it comes to make up, less is more
  • Do not regionalize yourself by your attire – this is key!

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